NLD Elite

NLD Elite’s 20 Wrestling Techniques


1. Double Leg—at least 2 different finishes. Power double/duck to a double/double leg pickup/outside frame snap to double.

2. Single Leg-pick up leg. Need 3 different finishes. Tree top, Sweep backwards, Trip forward. Low single

3. Whizzer –2 finishes----loose arm-head and arm-far arm trap.

4. Snap down--Front head lock to butt drag.

5. Duck Under—head tie up/elbow tie inside frame tie—must know 1 of 3.

6. 2 on 1/arm drags—need both.

7. High C—preferably to double.

8. Fireman’s Carry-- short fireman’s

9. Ankle Pick

Top Position

10. Far Knee, Far Ankle-far arm far ankle-butcher

11. Cross body ride- to cross face pin/to shoulder tilt

12. Half nelson/reverse half nelson—Power half--3/4 nelson/

13. Spiral ride/ also w/ half

14. Cradle at least 2 variations. Inside cradle/cross face cradle.

15. Arm chop/tight waist jam to catch opposite arm for back exposure.

Bottom Position

16. Stand-Up-escape

17. Sit out-clear ankle, Gizone,hip heist---2 of the 3.

18. Side roll- hip heist finish

19. Granby/Granby cradle—one of the 2.

20. Switch/standing switch—one of the 2.